My knitting work.

Aloha, my Friends.
When you buy my Russian Speed Knitting  e-book at Amazon or hired me to teach you .
You will learn how to knit anything you want.
1. You will knot hot to knit baby bath hats!

2.How to knit a baby blanket!
3 How to knit a super scarf!
4. How to knit a pretty hat !
5.How to knit socks

6. How to make a dress

I am at the left . It was nice to live in Las Vegas.

7. How to make a jumper

8. How to make a baby headband.

9.How to make a baby booties.
This is your FIRST project! This is so easy!

I will help you to start to knit fast and understand what is your goal in knitting!
Knitting e-book for beginners and who want to learn the Continental Knitting style !
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