How to knit e-book.

Russian Speed Knitting e-book for beginners! 

but I have better design of my book -ask me how do get pretty design directly from me.
Tatyana Neilson
I will show you an example of my book.

What is Russian Speed Knitting?

1. You do fewer movements with your hands and fingers.
2. You keep your fingers next to the needle.
3. Location of the yarn from the left side of work on your left index finger and you can pick it up fast with your tip of the needle.
That why I want to teach you how to knit in Russian Style.
You can win the Guinness World Record in Knitting if you know how to knit our Russian Speed Knitting technique.
You can read any book and find many YouTube videos on the internet, but the best learning tool is a practice.
Russian knitting style is a very easy picking style. Some knitters will say it is a wrong way to knit, but I say I will knit how I want. I want to knit easy and fast. Don’t you?
I like all free knitting websites, but I hate to read the English charts. How can you follow that chart next day? I am always forgetting where I stopped yesterday.
And I would get crazy to go back and read the English chart like this:
1 K2,PS,SSP,TTS etc
2 P2,k1,p1 ,k2t,Tog2, K2Tw, etc
3 ssk,p2,ptWS
If I saw this charts before my grandmother taught me to knit Russian “lazy” style, I would be never knit in my life.
I understand that we have fast paced life right now, and people don’t like to read a lot of words, that is why I have made my book with lots of pictures instead of words.
Check this chart -I can easily read the continental chart. I will teach you how to read it in one day. You need to know what the meaning of and

and .

I will show you our European charts  in all pictures.

Than I have 150 Russian (Euro) style of knitting charts.

-you can read this chart as

FORGET about this mess:
1 K2,PS,SSP,TTS  ---- WHAT????
2 P2,k1,p1 ,k2t,Tog2, K2Tw, etc
3 ssk,p2,ptWS

Do you want to continue to learn my Russian speed knitting way or you want to waist your time with OLD ENGLISH KNITTING STYLE?
I will support you all the way till you learn my Russian Speed Knitting!

Read feedback:

"Knitting is something everyone should learn. Some people think it is easy to knit but it all depends on you and how you handle it. Knitting takes time and patience.. Some may not understand it at first but if you keep at it and keep practicing you will get it. With practice comes frustration but don’t let that stop you from accomplishing what it is you are knitting. If you become frustrated put your knit aside and take a break, make yourself a snack or clear your mind. Come back to it when you’re not frustrated and try again. There are different ways to knit and different things to knit such as blankets, baby booties, clothing, ect. It’s better to start with something easy like a blanket and once you get the hang of it you can start knitting something a little more challenging. Remember to never give up, keep at it and keep trying until you get it.


 Russian Speed Knitting -  only $13.95

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