About me

Hello, it is me Tatyana.

I am a Russian woman with 35 years of experience with Russian knitting style (this is grandma's style knitting).I will teach you different kinds of ways to knit fast and easy. You will learn how to design your OWN clothes; I will teach you how to knit hats and socks with 5 needles. Do you want to beat the Guinness world record in knitting competition?-this is the only way to do it! This is the fast movement- less style of knitting.

                                    School page for beginners.
  • You will be able  to design your OWN clothes;
  • To knit hats and socks with 5 needles.
  • I do consulting by skype $ 10 per consulting.
   I am a Private teacher in Las Vegas. Call me for appointment 808-325-5517.

  I am happy to teach you how to Knit Russian speed knitting.
  I will show you how to knit Russian stitch and Continental stitch.
  How to combine two stitches together!
It is fast and easy way! It is picking style!
I love to knit but I love ti knit FAST!

So, if you want to start to learn how to knit you can buy my e-book today!
Or skype me-sannyhawaii and make an appointment.

 I do privet lessons in Las Vegas NV.

I do consulting by Skype!

Sincerely yours Tatyana Neilson!

PS:You can win the Guinness World Record in Knitting if you know how to knit Old Russian

 Call us: 808-325-5517

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