Sunday, June 29, 2014

The French hat (beret)!

 This is my design for the french hat(beret)
I used a yarn with pompoms .
                                   I used needle size 9. One roll is enough for make this hat.

 This is very simple knitting.
If you do not know to knit-check my e-book Amazon.
It is very easy and picking knitting style for beginners.

The knittied cover (neckband) for a dog's collar! So pretty!

Today I want to  show you my new work.
The hand knitted  cover on a dog collar!

it is so cool and fun.
you can make it for dog girls and for dog boys :)
why not?
You can ask me to make it for you.
It will coast $20 for small and medium dog.
my skype -sannyhawaii.
I am happy to share my ideas with  you.

If you do not how to knit check my e-book at Amazon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My little summer top

Hi, I want to show you my top!
This is a knitting chart above my pictures.(measurements in centimeters)
I did not make long sleeves. I wanted to make the summer top. You have to count your stitches by yourself. I do not know your size.
So ,if you do not know how to read the chart you can buy my e-book where I give you all explanation how to read Continental knitting charts. It is only $9.95 to support my blog .
Thanks you and have a good day!
Aloha from Hawaii