Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hello !

 Welcome to

                                    School page for beginners.

  • You will be able  to design your OWN clothes;
  • To knit hats and socks with 5 needles.
  • I do consulting by skype $ 10 per consulting.
   I am a Private teacher in Las Vegas. Call me for appointment 808-325-5517.

I am happy to teach you how to Knit Russian speed knitting.
  I will show you how to knit Russian stitch and Continental stitch.
  How to combine two stitches together!
It is fast and easy way! It is picking style!
I love to knit but I love ti knit FAST!

So, if you want to start to learn how to knit you can buy my e-book today!
Or skype me-sannyhawaii and make an appointment.

 I do privet lessons in Las Vegas NV.

I do consulting by Skype!

Sincerely yours Tatyana Neilson!

PS:You can win the Guinness World Record in Knitting if you know how to knit Old Russian
   This is your way!